The Challenge

Northern Region in The Netherlands

The Province Groningen has a total population of 600K people. The unemployment rate was about 10% (2016). The total number of employers is 15.000. Approximately 90% of all employers have less than 20 staff. The public sector (municipalities, province, social security) are challenged to get Micro SME's publish their vacancies and internships.  


The Approach

Implement the SupportersDesk set up a separate organization using our platform. We recruited the Supporters and trained them. We had weekly meetings to discuss their individual and team results. On a monthly basis, we had an appraisal meeting to discuss which competencies needed further strengthening. 

The Result

Everybody deserves the opportunity to make a decent income

A team of six people (3FTE) in the SupportersDesk added 2.500 employers to the platform within 14 months resulting in a market share of 22%. The Supporters generated 800 vacancies that had not been published on a job board before. We placed 20 unemployed people within the same period. 

The Project

Effective, efficient and transparent

The project was implemented on the platform. All stakeholders were involved. Everybody had access to the results. We invited all parties to improve every step in the process. As a result, we now work with the three Northern provinces and NHL Stenden University to implement the platform to add 1.7M people.