Do you have template BusinesPlan available

Yes. We have a standard BusinessPlan available. After signing the NDA and the Support Agreement, we will send you the following material:

  • Presentation SupportersDesk
  • Spreadsheet with benchmarks
  • Template BusinessPlan

Can we visit a reference site

Yes, you can. We have reference site available in The Netherlands, Poland, UK, Germany and South Africa.

What is the contract period to run your own SupportersDesk

We sign a Partnership and Distribution Agreement for a period of five (5) years.

Can I have my own branded website

Yes, you can. offers to Partners the possibility to use the Content Management System (CMS) that is bundled into the platform. 

Can I see the benchmarks of other regions

Yes, you can. Partners always have access to the (aggregated) information in other regions.

What other services do you offer offers the following services: 

  • SuppoprtersDesk
  • app
  • Big Data analysis with CockpitWork
  • Innovation with InnovationLabs
  • Economic development with KeyBattleFramework

Can I execute under a private label

The SupportersDesk is always delivered to the market under the brand name of It is allowed that a Partner uses the platform to deliver his own services. In case a Partner wants to add his own services to the platform, it is possible to do that under a white label.