Groningen, The Netherlands

Large scale regional implementation of the SupportersDesk

The Province Groningen has a total population of 600K people. The unemployment rate is about 10%. The total number of employers is 15.000. Approximately 90% of all employers have less than 20 staff.

The public sector (municipalities, province, social security) are challenged to get Micro SME's publish their vacancies and internships.  

A team of six people (3FTE) in the SupportersDesk added 2.500 employers to the platform within 14 months resulting in a market share of 15%. The Supporters generated 800 vacancies that had not been published on a job board before. We placed 20 unemployed people within the same period. 

  • Province Groningen
  • NHL Stenden University

Durban, South Africa

Focus on Maritime Cluster

Durban as the largest harbour on the African continent has a huge maritime economy. To ensure that this economy keeps growing, eThikwini Maritime Cluster (part of the municipality) decided to invite all employers to join

In partnership with SmartExchange (local incubator), set up a separate company and recruited four Supporters. This team translated the application to Zulu and started to invite employers to join the platform.

Within a period of six months, the team signed up employers, individuals and educational institutions.  The team presented itself on conferences and big gatherings to welcome 5K youngsters to support them writing a professional CV.

  • eThikwini Maritime Cluster
  • Durban Municipality
  • SmartExchange

Manchester, UK

Implementing as the backbone for Social Enterprise

Greater Manchester is one of the largest economic regions in the UK. The total population counts approximately 3M people. The unemployment rate is 4.4%.  

The Growth Company (GC) is a partner of The challenge of GC is to decrease the ICT cost by reducing the number of applications amongst all of their 15 different companies. The application is implemented as the 'backbone' for all 15 companies. developed the ProcessModule to allow GC to build its own HR processes. The ProcessModule comes with an API to allow GC to integrate with its own management and financial applications. 

  • The Growth Company
  • Aspire

Krakow, Poland

Matching economic migrants with work in Poland

Per today, approximately 2M people from Ukraine have left their country to work and live in Poland. Roughly 50% of these people have a work permit -the rest has not.

Together with Ignatianum University, welcomes new migrants from Ukraine and offers them to profile themselves making use of A small team of five people is working in the SupportersDesk. Four of them are coming from Ukraine themselves. The other person is from Poland. 

The team has translated the platform to Polish and Ukrainian. It is now possible to allow an individual to profile themselves in Ukrainian language and to have Polish employers reading the profile in Polish. 

  • Ignatianum University
  • European Union
  • Region Malopolska

Berlin, Germany

Offering Innovation Program to disadvantageous groups has an intensive working relationship with InnovationLabs.Berlin (ILB). has a background in platform development and implementing the SupportersDesk in Europe and Africa. ILB has an excellent track record in implementing Innovation Programs for municipalities, employers and educational institutions. and ILB have worked together in developing a new program to bring Innovation to less developed regions and target groups living in e.g. townships in South Africa. The new program is called and it comes with a set of Massive Open Online Courses to support potential entrepreneurs to step forward in building their own company. is now being rolled-out in Durban and Canada. We believe that all people should be offered incubation services no matter their living conditions. 

  • InnovationLabs.Berlin
  • Durban municipality
  • Capetown municipality

Inmates Project Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Lower recurrence

Eindhoven municipality has a partnership with a few judicial institutions in the Southern part of the Netherlands. The big challenge is to support inmates during their stay in prison to educate themselves so they can find work and make a decent income as soon as they are released. implemented a five-year program and started to profile a total volume of 13.000 inmates. At the same time, we signed up employers who were interested to hire former inmates. 


The project resulted in a demonstrated decrease of recurrence, resulting in a social impact of three times the investment cost of running the program. The research Center of the Department of Justice followed the project during the full life-span.


  • Eindhoven municipality
  • Service for judicial institutions
  • Research Center Department of Justice, The Netherlands

QHLX, South Africa

Non-Profit Organization to set up SupportersDesk in ZA

Requested by eThikwi municipality, set up a Chapter 21 company in Durban. The goal of the company is to set up SupportersDesks in South Africa and on the African continent. The name of the company is: 'Quadruple HeLiX' or in short: QHLX. has decided to organize annual conferences on the labour market in close cooperation with QHLX. More information on


  • QHLX