app for Individuals

Swipe your passion

Wouldn't it be great to constantly be able to update your competencies and skills to secure a decent income? Individuals can join the platform for FREE through a set of serious games for smooth enrollment. Applying for a vacancy or internship is fast and easy. always gives instant personal learning advice to keep the user agile during his whole career.

  • FREE access to the best profiling app
  • No need to write lengthy CV's anymore
  • Find the best employers that fit your passion app for Employers

Manage your team

Every employer is interested to develop his employee-base to stay competitive. Employers have FREE access to 26.000 job profiles including job description and competency profile. All candidates are automatically ranked to make selecting the best candidate super-easy. An appraisal process can be added as a premium to retain your best talents.

  • FREE access to qualified candidates 
  • Selecting candidates using Artificial Intelligence
  • Hire and retain the best talents app for Education

Personal learning advice

Universities, TVET's, etc. constantly scan the market for changes in demand to adjust their education and training offerings. helps them with big data analysis. Every institution that publishes its catalogue on can offer for FREE to all its students. Of course, training is available for teachers who want to use platform as their coaching instrument of choice. 

  • FREE access to for all of your  students
  • Support all users offering personalized learning advice
  • Set-up project teams and micro-companies on the fly app for Region

Mobilize all talents

Regions have a need to support the demand- and supply-sides to mobilize all talents and assets in the region. The labour market involves four stakeholders: Individuals, Employers, Education, and the Public Sector. developed a Social Enterprise to allow the Region to bring all stakeholders on board. Big data analysis can be added to allow the region to improve its decision-making process. 

  • FREE access to to all inhabitants of the region
  • Activate all stakeholders on the labour market
  • Improve cooperation on the labour market