Local Partners

Local presence - global network

SMRT.bio is looking to partner with local organizations that want to implement the SupportersDesk. We are looking for organizations that have a background in the public sector, education, or talent services. Fill in the form and we will submit you a Briefing Package. 

  • Request 'SupportersDesk Briefing Package'
  • Request a Demo of SMRT.bio
  • Decide if you are eligible to implement the SupportersDesk

Create BusinessCase

Build a sustainable business

We work together with partners that want to implement the SupportersDesk in their own Region. After signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement and a Support Agreement, we will share with you all the material to build your own business case. Smrt.bio will help you to build your business case. You will have a Package including Presentation, BusinessPlan, and Spreadsheet. After approval of the business case, Smrt.bio will send you the official Partnership and Distribution Agreement that allows you to implement the SupportersDesk. 

  • Sign NDA
  • Sign Support Agreement
  • Use the 'Briefing Package business case'
  • Build a business case for your Region
  • Sign Distribution Agreement 

Select and Train Supporters 

Opportunities for unemployed people to start working

After the decision is taken to start a new SupportersDesk in your region, we will help you to find the right talents. A regional recruiting project is executed and the first Supporters are enrolled in the SupportersDesk. Everybody receives basic training before starting to contact employers.

  • Use the project plan for your Region
  • Search and select the best Supporters
  • Train and coach your Supporters

Roll-out SupportersDesk

Mobilize all talents and assets in the region

The implementation of the SupportersDesk is managed by local staff and supported by the SMRT.bio Training Team. During the first year, a very strict implementation plan is executed to ensure a successful roll-out for all stakeholders involved.

  • Contact Employers in your Region
  • Support Employers to profile their jobs
  • Publish Vacancies and Internships
  • Build a vibrant Community in your Region