Adding employers to the platform

Building a sustainable business

The SupportersDesk has a focus on adding new employers to the platform. On a regional basis, we upload all contact information of all employers and we start contacting them. All employers are asked to join the platform for FREE. As part of our service, we offer employers to profile all of their job descriptions. We make use of the vast database of 26.000 template descriptions. Finally, we ask employers if they have vacancies, internships, or apprenticeships. The Supporters publish these on the platform and on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Managing Productivity

Learn from each other

In the KPI Screen, we manage all the data of all Supporters and the results per Supporter. We set Key Performance Indicators and weekly, we discuss them with the team. The Supporters that have a high score are invited to share their work process with the other team members. This way, we all learn from each other.

Managing Personal Growth

Support people to find their next destiny

Every month, each Supporter is requested to fill in the Appraisal Module. Of course, the manager also fills in the Appraisal form. Automatically, the result is shared with both parties. During the monthly meeting, new goals are being set and the Supporter is offered to join extra classes to grow as an individual and to find work outside of the SupportersDesk.